Thursday, November 19, 2015

First Rough Draft of Raising Jesus is Complete!

I'm so happy to share with you that the first rough draft of Raising Jesus is completed!
It was ten years ago when the dream and vision for this work began. I spent the first year, stalling. The next year and a half writing monthly three thousand word vignettes for the historical fiction.
Then I spent a year enjoying having a new baby to love, before I resumed my work by taking online courses in Ancient Judaism and touring Israel. 
Finally I have a rough draft, with a compelling story and plot that is ready to be fleshed out and polished for publication!

I'm equally thrilled to share with you this magnificent original Art by 15 year old Julia Thomas, a gifted friend from church.

She is not yet done, but I had SO much fun putting the image into a 3D book shape! This is just the beginning of a completed dream come true!

Tonight at midnight- just 31 minutes from the time I am typing this update, I will be an official NANOWRIMO WINNER!!! 

I know you are wondering, "When will it be published?"

That depends on how long I take with revisions. I am hoping for a 2016 publication date.

Thanks for reading!
Angela Schans
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